Kupu-Kupu Cinta, or Butterfly of Love

The story behind the creation of Kupu-Kupu Cinta or Butterfly of Love, in 2016...
Kupu-Kupu Cinta, by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
Kupu-Kupu Cinta, by Adli Hadiyan Munif.
Kupu-Kupu Cinta is the finale theme for redoks series from Religious Division, Chemistry Undergraduate Students' Association at that time.
The design was used in a few things such as promotional material (like printed or digitally shared at that time) and mug design (if I remember it correctly).

Some Parts on The Images, Videos and Other Documentations in This Website Has Been Watermarked and Blurred to Protect Personal and Sensitive Informations.


    This artwork was made when I was in a position named Head of Information and Communication Division, in Chemistry Department's Students' Undergraduate Association, from Dec 2015 to Dec 2016.

  • This artwork was produced for The Religious Division from Chemistry Undergraduate Students' Association at that time. I was part of the association too at that time.
  • The artwork was served as a teaser (at first) for the finale of Redoks, an event organised by that division at that period. The teaser was unveiled to the public first time around Friday, 25 March 2016 at 02:39 PM and has been posted on various platform such as Instagram (on the association official account, the division account and my own personal accounts), Facebook, Line (I believe...), and BBM (the platform was still used massively at that time).
  • The teaser posted in two version, the original one like the first image above, and 3x3 version, like you can see below.
  • The original design was then extended as the mug design too, which aimed to be given to the presenter as a merchandise. This memory is kinda gray, but I believe it's actually correct...
  • Aside from this artworks, I made certificate design (filled with details from participants too) as the continuation from these project.
  • All of the work was done in Padang, Indonesia.
  • For this artwork, I used following:
    • Software:
      • Adobe Illustrator, definitely.
    • Resources:
      • For chemistry structural formula on the background, I believe I used "love" formula for Oxytocin. Further article and resources probably taken from here: Oxytocin (1) and Oxytocin (2).
      • For the butterfly... I forgot. I don't remember whether it's from an already made design, or I traced from an butterfly design or image.......... I am sorry, the original creator......... 😔🙏🏻

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The design was used as a teaser, probably around 25 Mar 2016. The original design was extended to be able to used in a mug. The design was divided into 3x3 posts to be posted in Instagram feed. This is the screenshot of my own account at that time.